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Holisys® is answering the call to raise "Self" awareness of our Divine essence. Awakening to our inner connectedness... the Source you are... one Being with creation... heals our hearts, minds, bodies, Soul's and our true Mother - Earth - as we re-member the Divine living within each of us.

By bringing together a wide array of people and organizations committed to creating and modeling sustainable HOLIstic SYStems for humanity's future, we Aspire! to our collective common-unity of love. At the heart of Holisys are people and how they relate to themselves, to each other, and to the living Earth.


Holistic systems understand the world as a whole, with all the parts working together, as in nature. Sustainable architectures include economic, organizational, political, physical, and environmental systems that are inherently eco-efficient, restorative, and just, thereby they assure viability for generations to come.


To achieve this mission, Holisys will influence the existing natural process of evolution and change by making conversations more holistic and focused toward wellness, wholeness, accountability and responsibility... Thus helping people to better understand themselves, each other, and the ecosystems in which they participate.


Starting with the four levels (Ethereal, Conceptual, Emotional and Material), this holographic viewpoint seeks to provide responsible solutions for transforming individuals, organizations, and institutions at all levels, and for generating personal and global accountability. By joining the best educational teachings, tools and trainings, we will assist participants in cultivating and aligning their life purposes, thus realizing and allowing a new renaissance of creativity, global productivity, and prosperity to unfold.


By empowering local economic systems and addressing the social, chemical and electrical forms of pollution that degrade our individual and collective health, we will breathe new life and vitality into our communities and families.


Current economic, political, and social models have demonstrated their inability to sustain civilization in a healthy and prosperous balance with our living Earth. Holisys will bring to our global infrastructures new measurements and tools in many areas including:


• Financial literacy and performance measures

• Accountability and transparency in our workplaces and governments

• Risk management in our insurance, health care, and banking systems

• Advanced tools for generating and sustaining business integrity

• Prevention and wellness in our health-care systems using new business models plus vibrational and quantum healing modalities

• Career, life purpose and relationship compatibility tools

• Evolved energetics in housing, site, and community design

• Efficient resource distribution systems

• New currencies and exchange systems that offer stable measures of value and encourage the abundant circulation of wealth

• Zero waste and zero emission initiatives


Other areas of great impact will be research, education, and development of energy systems, accounting systems, legal systems, and communication systems that improve our daily lives.


If you have created new systems solutions or metrics, we'd love to hear from you!